The Life Update


Well, well, well. Where in the world have you been all year, Silvana? Ha. Great question. I’m still here, I promise. 2016, what a year. A year of reflection, a year of self growth, a year of taking chances. Let’s see, where did I last leave off? I was going to Los Angeles for a mini getaway. Ah yes, I got to see my best friend and her precious dogs, went to eat Mexican food by the beach with some margaritas and of course, karaoke! Ouch. Just remembered that night and I am so sorry to the people who heard me sing- try to sing…

Also, 2016 permitted my grandparents to visit America for the first time. It’s been so long since I last saw them and gosh having them for 6 months was such a blessing to our family. I remember we took them out for a Peruvian dinner for my grandma’s birthday. Nope, they were not impressed! Although the Pisco Sour was amazing, the Pisco in Peru is ten times better to them. At least they got to see our country and be with us, which was the most important thing.

Well, let’s skip over to Fall time. I moved. Surprise! No, not to California, calm down. I moved to Virginia. Now, Silvana why in the world would you ever move there? Ah, yeah I sometimes ask myself that but you know, moving here has given me the chance to start over but still be close to home. I recently got an apartment with my friend, one of my high school best friends moved down the street from me and I am pretty satisfied so far. I wish I could tell you everything in my life is going amazing, but 2017 already has shown me that I need to take things day by day. I need to be patient and not stress over my future or it will harm me…


I know it has been forever since I last spoke to you all and to be honest, I am not going to make up any excuses. I just simply needed time to think, reflect and make some changes in my life. As we all know by now, I love changes! I do hope that with this new year- now three months in, what?- you figured out what you want to change. Did you think of ways to improve your lifestyle? Did you think of ways to challenge yourself? What goals have you written down and have accomplished so far?

I have realized most of my posts are related to emotions and mentality. Honestly, I love it. Although not everyone goes through the same thing as I do, I know  some of you can relate in one way or another. Now, this year I am excited to say I will most likely do more traveling because I am eligible to get my United States Passport. Woohoo! Of course, that will be mentioned in future posts. For now, I will wrap this up and say goodnight. It’s time to pop some popcorn and watch this Netflix show I am totally obsessing over.

Muchos besos!



Next Destination: Los Angeles, California

image1 (3)


Hi there!

Here we go again with another brand new week, another fresh start, another chance to make it phenomenal.  You must be wondering by now, “Silvana, you’re going to LA again?” Well, indeed I am! I will be flying over there this weekend for a mini getaway to my favorite city. I feel like there has been so much going on and so many thoughts in my head, that I need to get away for a bit. So, I did it. I bought a plane ticket to California. I can’t wait to see the beautiful coast, ride down Pacific Coast Highway and hike! There is so much to do in so little time! Okay, I am getting too excited thinking about it. Remember that post about the job offer in the west coast? I can’t lie, I have been thinking about what if I took that job? I wonder where I’d be right now. Would I be succeeding in the industry? Just random thoughts that come to mind from time to time. I am still beyond grateful that I got the opportunity to interview for that company. If you don’t know by now, I am a girl that loves change in her life. No, I’m not saying drastic changes but even a slight change in my daily routine would do it. I get bored if my days consist of the same exact thing every single day. For example, when I get to the office in the mornings, I make a cup of coffee -specifically Starbucks Pike Medium Roast with one hazelnut creamer- but I looked down at the K-cups today and I was just, well, bored. Bored of the same thing every morning. So, I decided to make a cup of Kahlua coffee with a little bit of half/half. Let me tell you, it was AH-mazing and definitely brightened up my day. Now do you get when I say by nothing too drastic?

Something else that I decided to try was a make up palette. Honestly, I am not a huge make up junky. I prefer clothes over make up..BUT I do love trying skin care products. I have to say, I was blessed with non-problematic skin, even through the high school years when our hormones attack and leads to breaking out like no other! I always get emails from Ulta and Sephora, but I usually don’t read them because ‘the hottest new blush’ doesn’t catch my eye. While I was online shopping for…days…I decided to give Sephora and Ulta a look. I am very picky on what shades and colors I wear on my face, as you will see. So here is a sneak peak of what I purchased:





I purchased a contour and blush palette from BH cosmetics, which is from Urban Outfitters. Ladies, this is the best palette ever! Like I said before, it is my first palette but the pigmentation of these blushes are INSANE. A little bit goes a very long way, especially if you have fair skin tone. I have a medium skin tone with yellow undertones; this palette looks amazing on. Also, I purchased Tarte Maracuya Oil. Oh-my-gosh. Okay, first of all it caught my eye when I saw it because I remember when I was a little girl, my grandpa would make a juice with maracuya in it and it was the most refreshing drink in the planet! In English, it is called passion fruit. I just think maracuya sounds better, ha. Passion fruit is in fact quite beneficial. It’s rich in vitamin B2, vitamin B6, folate and choline. Drinking passion fruit juice is beneficial as these B vitamins support the mucus membranes in the digestive tract as well as mental health and brain function. Also, they lower cholesterol level and improve circulation. It is known for giving a calming effect and lead to a more peaceful sleep. I got this oil because I wanted to mix it with my foundation (or alone), to give me that dewy glow during the warmer months. Um, who doesn’t want to look like a summer goddess?

Last but certainly not least, I purchased a bronzer. Tagging along with wanting to look like a summer goddess, a bronzer is a MUST. No matter where I am or what season it may be, I have to have a bronzer. I have used my NYX matte bronzer for a year now and I hit pan finally. Again, a little goes a long way. I decided to check out a new one and I came across Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow in Medium/Dark. Unlike my matte bronzer I have used in the Fall and Winter, I went ahead and got one with a little sparkle in it. Picture this: summer warm day, sun is out kissing your skin. You flaunt your dewy skin with a beautiful peachy colored blush; a little shimmery bronzer located slightly above your cheekbones right where the sun kisses you the most, and a little on your cupid’s bow. There you have it, you are all set for summer!

I decided to get myself pumped up about summer because although we’re so close to it, it has been non stop raining here! I am ready to get away from it. Let’s be real, who isn’t excited about warm weather, tanning, beaches, sunny days…and mojitos? I know I am! Can you guess what my next blog post will be about?


Until then, see you next time!


Good Company, Good Life

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Hey there!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I swear, every year the months fly by and before we know it, another year is approaching. There has been so much on my mind (like usual) and well I wanted to talk to you. Over the past two months, I have realized that when you surround yourself with people that aren’t positive or motivating in any way, it will take a toll on you…big time. You can’t count on them to have a good influence on you whatsoever. If you have read my previous posts, I have been trying to better life and quite honestly, everyday is a learning process. I decided to cut people and things out of my life that were stressing me out on the daily basis. When I did that, I felt more at ease, more peaceful with myself. It kind of felt like the right thing to do. Still though, I feel a little lost. Don’t we all at some point? I don’t care who you are, if you’re human, you will feel that way sometimes. I’ve also learned that when your guard is up, it’s tough to let it back down. To trust someone. To open up to people. Let alone, to meet new people because you may think they might hurt you at the end. It’s not easy at all but you have to take a chance. Recently, I have met a few people that bring a smile to my face. People that don’t judge me for being myself. People that will hear me out no matter what and tell me it will be okay at the end.

I guess, these past two months I have felt many emotions that I can’t explain. Excited? Anxious? Confused? I don’t know. All I know is that I just turned a year older and I have sat down to think about what’s next for me. What is the next page on my book like? I can write that. I’m the only person that can because it’s my life. I think about how beautiful life can be if I think positively. If I keep my motivation going. If I surround myself with people who love me as a person. I know they will be there for me when I feel like quitting, they will be there to catch me before I fall to the ground…

Sure, I will have my bad days. Like any human being, right? Work will stress me out, people will stress me out, etc…that’s something called life. Life isn’t perfect but you can see the beauty in it. I have learned that you can’t let the negative things bring you down to the point where you can’t see the bright side of life anymore. You have to take that negativity and turn it into something positive. Easier said than done, right? It is hard to do sometimes, depending on what is bringing you down, but you have to have that inner strength in yourself.

Again, I don’t know exactly what is going to happen in my life because people come and go and things could be going great one day then turn upside down the next, but you know, I’m okay with that. I have accepted that that will happen sometimes.

Trust is something very difficult for me to do, but I am slowly learning to welcome people in with arms wide open. Of course, if they break that trust then- see ya- but one can try, right? Just like the old saying, don’t judge a book by its cover…which is indeed very true.

Until next time,



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A Life Decision



Hello there!

Today I wanted to share something with you. Something that I thought was pretty shocking to me and left me speechless at the time.  A few weeks ago, I was contacted to interview via Skype for a fashion company in…you guessed it! Los Angeles. When I read that email, I couldn’t even describe how it made me feel. Let’s start with confusion. All these questions popped up in my mind: “Why me?” “They have so many applicants trying to set their foot in the door in this industry, they could have chosen one of them.” “I’m all the way in the opposite coast, why would they even consider me?” Those are just a few of the million questions. I debated whether or not I should even reply back. If did, should I say thank you but no thank you? Should I go along it? Literally, I was in so much shock that I couldn’t think correctly. I decided to take a few hours to myself, since pacific time is 3 hours behind. I had time to take a deep breath and think. At that moment, I wanted to tell everyone about the news but I didn’t want to say “just kidding” if I declined the opportunity at the end.

It was around 7pm, when I received that email. I remember I stared at my phone and re-read the email about ten times before I realized it was real. It was hard to keep this on the down low because all I wanted to do was scream! After thinking and thinking more about it, I decided to accept the interview invitation. There was no turning back now. They replied that following Monday with the time and day for the Skype interview. Tuesday at 1pm my time. Monday night I started putting together my thoughts for the position they were offering me, all the knowledge I had, what I was going to say, all that good stuff. I had the biggest smile on my face because I was so hopeful and had all the confidence in the world. I thought to myself, “Silvana, this is your time to shine and bring everything to the table. Show them how passionate you are about this industry.” So, next day, I pretty much rocked the interview. I tried not to be so nervous in front of them but I felt good about it because I gave it my all. 20 minutes later, it was over. Now, the waiting game begins until I hear back from them. One day passed, it felt like a year. Next morning passed, nothing. I was getting nervous and a little doubtful. That afternoon at around 3pm, I heard an email alert on my phone. It was from them. I didn’t want to open it; I got so excited and nervous at the same time! There it was. The email I was waiting for…with the job offer. Wait what? Job offer? I got the job?! I teared up. Maybe to you it’s not a huge deal, but to me it was a HUGE deal. I knew I didn’t have much time to make my decision. That meant I would have to pack my things within two weeks and move to Los Angeles again. I would have to say my goodbyes almost immediately and go. If I took that job, I would have a split second to make things happen out there. When I got the news, I knew I had to tell my family and friends, I just didn’t know how to. The first person I told was my eight year old brother. I wanted to know how he would feel about it. Then, I told my mother. The one person who suffered when I first moved to LA a few years ago…

Unlike 4 years ago, I wanted to be considerate of my family’s feeling but also wanted to be fair with myself. I knew this was going to be a great experience for me career wise, but something didn’t feel right…

What a crazy experience, huh? It all happened within two weeks from one second to another. While I was trying to make my decision, I spoke to my friend who lives out there about what had happened and she gave me great advice. She told me that I should be realistic, plan it out calmly and take this as a lesson. Now I know that I can in fact get a job in the industry. I mean after all, they could have hired someone to start as soon as possible and who already lived in LA. Instead, they went through the process with me to make this happen in the first place. Of course, I thanked the company for everything and respectfully declined the offer. I am a huge believer of everything happening for a reason. I now know when the time is right, I can get my dream job one day. Patience and hard work is key.

Until next time…





Get Organized!

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Happy Thursday! For some reason I feel like this week has felt longer. Almost positive it was because of the short week last week due to the blizzard. So today I wanted to talk about something that is extremely important in my life. Organization. I can’t even lie and say I developed the habit of being organized since I was in diapers. After high school, I had two jobs and took some courses in school that drove me insane! I had no other choice but to organize my days and stick with it. Okay, here we go. Here are some personal tips & tricks that have helped me over the years with school and every day life.

Be realistic: When setting up goals, whether it’d be short or long term, be realistic! When you set goals that you know you aren’t going to achieve, you are just lying to yourself and will most likely let yourself down at the end. You don’t want that.

Don’t overthink it: Okay, this is something I’m great at. Overthinking. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve overthought my life, my career, my decisions, pretty much just every single detail in my life. I will not be satisfied with a decision until I’ve thought about it a million times….and a million times is not even enough! Seriously, not a good habit to develop.

Get a planner or a journal: So…I may have one too many journals but that’s because I love having a place to write ideas and my random thoughts throughout the day. A planner, keep one or two if you have multiple things going on. Side note- I also heard google calendars is fantastic, but honestly, I like writing it down because I feel like when I physically write it, it sticks to my memory rather than just my calendar.


By the way, these marble notebooks are Ah-mazing! Check out MochiThings or Zazzle for some of my favorite designs.

Take breaks: This may sound crazy but it is SO important! We all know it is so easy to get wrapped up in our lives with work and anything else going on, that you may laugh at the idea of a break. No one has time for that! Well, try to fit in a ten to twenty minute break to breath, eat and distress. It will help you especially during your long, never ending days. You have heard it before as a child and it is true! When you eat a meal, it helps you think more clearly and make wiser decisions.

Just do it! One of the most common things that people do is procrastinate. Always push it for later. Oh trust me, been there done that too many times especially when all I want to do is take a long warm bath. When you plan something, even something small, do it. Do it when you planned to and get it out of the way. It will be one less thing to do and you will develop the habit of doing things when you say you’ll do them.

I’m not telling you by any means plan your year ahead when you get your beautiful notebook (although you may be tempted to because they’re so cute!) Just take it week by week and spend 15 minutes on a Sunday night to plan things out. Trust me, your week won’t be as crazy anymore.

Talk to you soon! xx


Blizzard of the Year

IMG_1442 (2)

Hello gorgeous! Let me just start off by saying…Oh-my-gosh. It was seventy degrees on Christmas Eve and a couple of weeks later, a blizzard occurs. Wonderful. I can’t lie though, it was beautiful watching the snow fall outside of my window while I drank a cup of white peony tea…


So today, I wanted to keep my post simple. Just a chit chat between you and I.

I know lately I’ve written about deep subjects happening in my life, but honestly, writing helps me feel better and I always want to be open with you. I’m not going to pretend I’m the happiest person alive and my life is full of rainbows and sunshine because if I did, I would be lying to you. As a blogger, I love sharing my thoughts and of course my style!

Since I was released at noon from work on Friday due to the blizzard, I already knew my weekend was going to involve photo shoots and writing. I was so excited! So yes, I spent hours and hours on my camera and my computer. In 2015, I told myself I was going to take blogging more seriously. I got a new camera for higher quality pictures, researched editing software for touch ups and more recently, I created my own website. For some reason, I knew this was it. I wanted to dedicate as much time and effort to my website. I knew I was meant to create this. As you may realize, my lifestyle section of my blog is going to focus on mental health and well being for a few months. Not going to spill anything yet, but I already gave you an introduction on my previous post about what has been going on in my mind. That being said, I am more than happy to take you on this journey with me. -I wanted to keep this a total secret, but I couldn’t help it!!-

Okay, let’s leave that alone for now before I spill it all. Do you remember that summer when Tumblr decided to make high-waisted Levi shorts extremely popular? Literally, every girl and their mother owned a pair. Goodwill, The Salvation Army and every other thrift store made thousands of dollars selling those jeans! I can’t even lie and say I haven’t tried to cut them up to make them into shorts (talk about complete fail!) So now, whenever I go to a thrift store, I grab every pair of Levi jeans and hope they fit. Over the years, I found two. Just two pairs of perfect fitting vintage Levi’s. For those who know me can tell you in a heartbeat that I am very picky. Although I just told you I grab every pair I see, it does not mean I buy them all. It just takes numerous times in the fitting room to find the perfect fit. -Sorry not sorry- So here we go, let me show you my outfit of the day.

IMG_1440 (1)

Levi’s Medium Wash in 501.


Ray Bans Aviator. Grey and Black Scarf. Faux Leather Jacket. Knit Turtleneck.


Back to making another cup of White Peony tea and more planning! Bye for now…

P.S- If you’re interested in finding that perfect pair, your best bet is to find out when your nearest thrift store restocks. Once you do that, go when they open, grab and try them all. Choose wisely!



Waking up to a New Year



Happy New Years to all of you. Every beginning of a new year, we think to ourselves, “I wonder what this year has in store for me?” Honestly, it just depends on how you want to live your life that year. You have a clean slate in your hands, grab it and make use out of it. No year is perfect (sure, it can start out that way) but let’s face it, life will throw a lot of challenges at you no matter what you’re going through already. Real question is, how are you going to handle that? Are you going to let it affect you? Or are you going to learn and let it make you stronger at the end?

We start out our year with goals written down on a piece of paper or thought out in our heads. We make plans to make this year better than the last one…leave everything behind and start out fresh. So, how do we do that? How do we make a new year “our year” when you don’t know what’s going to happen in the next 12 months? Well for starters, work on your inner self. Every action starts out with how you are as a person. Not having a positive mind equals to not making better decisions, not thinking out of the box. I’m not here to tell you what to do, because I’m still learning and growing, but really to share with you my experiences in life. (Ding ding ding- this is not only a fashion blog!)

Let me start out by saying, 2015 has been a year where I have learned a lot about myself, my strengths and weaknesses and not until recently, a wake up call. This wake up call really made me turn inside out and see myself as if I was staring right at me. Honestly, I am very glad I experienced that now because I can really think of a way to fix what needs to be fixed sooner than later, and make myself a better person for the future. Over the years after graduating high school, many of you may know I moved out across the country to start school. Ever since, I learned to be independent and ACT independent quickly. Well, I took it a little too far I would say and just focused on my own life. When I say that I mean I pushed everyone I loved away, I blindly hurt them by hiding in my own bubble for years. I dropped a lot of friendships because I just didn’t put the effort and time to make it last. Now, what do I get in return? The feeling of loneliness and confusion. I’m not saying I have no friends or family anymore, but because of my actions, I blocked them out from my life. Why? Because I thought I only needed myself and I could handle every situation on my own. Newsflash: you cannot handle everything on your own and that is not being independent. You will eventually need support from your loved ones and you know, it’s okay to open up your heart and love back. Okay I’m not saying let’s all love each other and live a wonderful peaceful life. I get it, it may be harder for others to do so, but trust me you can’t go on living your life secluded from everyone, I learned that the hard way.

So let’s get down to business.

A little late (since we are almost done with January), but my new year’s resolution for 2016 is to work on my inner self- Yes, I can include that I need to hop on a treadmill more than once a month- but my highlight would definitely be working on myself and not let fear take over my daily life. Open my heart and let others in other than myself. Work on my inner peace and live my life how I’ve always wanted to…

Question of the month: Are you changing anything in your life this year to make it better? If so, what is it?