Nature Calls

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We are making progress, Monday has passed and tomorrow is hump day! It is the last day of Summer today, so to welcome Fall season, on Sunday at 6:30am, I went on a hiking trip to Great Falls in Virginia. Just wow. I must say, I felt relaxed, pumped up and excited to be there. The trees were half naked, the water was crystal clear, the bird sounds were so clear I thought they were right next to me. One thing I must mention, if you are scared of heights like me, this may be a bit of a nerve wrecking experience. As I stopped walking on the trail, I climbed up some rocks to get on the cliff and there it was, 50 feet below me, the river waiting to swallow me alive. Peaceful but I thought if I moved a muscle I would fall straight down. Other than that, beautiful experience. That particular morning it was a little chilly, I would say about 52 degrees. It was great since people at that time are usually still snoring their Saturday mornings away or recovering from Friday night. So yes, the best time to go hiking would be early in the morning. Not only do you see the gorgeous sunrise peeking over the tall trees, but you hear all the calming sounds nature has to offer. No humans laughing or heavy breathing, just birds chirping away. I was also informed of some places in the mountains to hike once the leaves completely fall to the ground that apparently creates a beautiful scenery, which I don’t doubt at all. You bet I’ll be all over it!

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Alright, time to fast forward to today. Good ole’ Tuesday. It’s funny because today I was talking to one of the attorneys at the firm and we were discussing the meaning of each day of the work week. So here is what we came up with. Monday: “Here we go again…” Tuesday: “Why does this day even exist?” Wednesday: “Hump Day! Finally!” Then the following days after Wednesday are just days closer to Friday! Basically sums up my work week. Ha!

Okay everyone, next week is an exciting week for me and you will see why soon. For now, I will be that person that mentions something and not say anything…but just so you can be on your tippy toes 🙂  Very excited!




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