Blizzard of the Year

IMG_1442 (2)

Hello gorgeous! Let me just start off by saying…Oh-my-gosh. It was seventy degrees on Christmas Eve and a couple of weeks later, a blizzard occurs. Wonderful. I can’t lie though, it was beautiful watching the snow fall outside of my window while I drank a cup of white peony tea…


So today, I wanted to keep my post simple. Just a chit chat between you and I.

I know lately I’ve written about deep subjects happening in my life, but honestly, writing helps me feel better and I always want to be open with you. I’m not going to pretend I’m the happiest person alive and my life is full of rainbows and sunshine because if I did, I would be lying to you. As a blogger, I love sharing my thoughts and of course my style!

Since I was released at noon from work on Friday due to the blizzard, I already knew my weekend was going to involve photo shoots and writing. I was so excited! So yes, I spent hours and hours on my camera and my computer. In 2015, I told myself I was going to take blogging more seriously. I got a new camera for higher quality pictures, researched editing software for touch ups and more recently, I created my own website. For some reason, I knew this was it. I wanted to dedicate as much time and effort to my website. I knew I was meant to create this. As you may realize, my lifestyle section of my blog is going to focus on mental health and well being for a few months. Not going to spill anything yet, but I already gave you an introduction on my previous post about what has been going on in my mind. That being said, I am more than happy to take you on this journey with me. -I wanted to keep this a total secret, but I couldn’t help it!!-

Okay, let’s leave that alone for now before I spill it all. Do you remember that summer when Tumblr decided to make high-waisted Levi shorts extremely popular? Literally, every girl and their mother owned a pair. Goodwill, The Salvation Army and every other thrift store made thousands of dollars selling those jeans! I can’t even lie and say I haven’t tried to cut them up to make them into shorts (talk about complete fail!) So now, whenever I go to a thrift store, I grab every pair of Levi jeans and hope they fit. Over the years, I found two. Just two pairs of perfect fitting vintage Levi’s. For those who know me can tell you in a heartbeat that I am very picky. Although I just told you I grab every pair I see, it does not mean I buy them all. It just takes numerous times in the fitting room to find the perfect fit. -Sorry not sorry- So here we go, let me show you my outfit of the day.

IMG_1440 (1)

Levi’s Medium Wash in 501.


Ray Bans Aviator. Grey and Black Scarf. Faux Leather Jacket. Knit Turtleneck.


Back to making another cup of White Peony tea and more planning! Bye for now…

P.S- If you’re interested in finding that perfect pair, your best bet is to find out when your nearest thrift store restocks. Once you do that, go when they open, grab and try them all. Choose wisely!



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