Get Organized!

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Happy Thursday! For some reason I feel like this week has felt longer. Almost positive it was because of the short week last week due to the blizzard. So today I wanted to talk about something that is extremely important in my life. Organization. I can’t even lie and say I developed the habit of being organized since I was in diapers. After high school, I had two jobs and took some courses in school that drove me insane! I had no other choice but to organize my days and stick with it. Okay, here we go. Here are some personal tips & tricks that have helped me over the years with school and every day life.

Be realistic: When setting up goals, whether it’d be short or long term, be realistic! When you set goals that you know you aren’t going to achieve, you are just lying to yourself and will most likely let yourself down at the end. You don’t want that.

Don’t overthink it: Okay, this is something I’m great at. Overthinking. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve overthought my life, my career, my decisions, pretty much just every single detail in my life. I will not be satisfied with a decision until I’ve thought about it a million times….and a million times is not even enough! Seriously, not a good habit to develop.

Get a planner or a journal: So…I may have one too many journals but that’s because I love having a place to write ideas and my random thoughts throughout the day. A planner, keep one or two if you have multiple things going on. Side note- I also heard google calendars is fantastic, but honestly, I like writing it down because I feel like when I physically write it, it sticks to my memory rather than just my calendar.


By the way, these marble notebooks are Ah-mazing! Check out MochiThings or Zazzle for some of my favorite designs.

Take breaks: This may sound crazy but it is SO important! We all know it is so easy to get wrapped up in our lives with work and anything else going on, that you may laugh at the idea of a break. No one has time for that! Well, try to fit in a ten to twenty minute break to breath, eat and distress. It will help you especially during your long, never ending days. You have heard it before as a child and it is true! When you eat a meal, it helps you think more clearly and make wiser decisions.

Just do it! One of the most common things that people do is procrastinate. Always push it for later. Oh trust me, been there done that too many times especially when all I want to do is take a long warm bath. When you plan something, even something small, do it. Do it when you planned to and get it out of the way. It will be one less thing to do and you will develop the habit of doing things when you say you’ll do them.

I’m not telling you by any means plan your year ahead when you get your beautiful notebook (although you may be tempted to because they’re so cute!) Just take it week by week and spend 15 minutes on a Sunday night to plan things out. Trust me, your week won’t be as crazy anymore.

Talk to you soon! xx


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