A Life Decision



Hello there!

Today I wanted to share something with you. Something that I thought was pretty shocking to me and left me speechless at the time.  A few weeks ago, I was contacted to interview via Skype for a fashion company in…you guessed it! Los Angeles. When I read that email, I couldn’t even describe how it made me feel. Let’s start with confusion. All these questions popped up in my mind: “Why me?” “They have so many applicants trying to set their foot in the door in this industry, they could have chosen one of them.” “I’m all the way in the opposite coast, why would they even consider me?” Those are just a few of the million questions. I debated whether or not I should even reply back. If did, should I say thank you but no thank you? Should I go along it? Literally, I was in so much shock that I couldn’t think correctly. I decided to take a few hours to myself, since pacific time is 3 hours behind. I had time to take a deep breath and think. At that moment, I wanted to tell everyone about the news but I didn’t want to say “just kidding” if I declined the opportunity at the end.

It was around 7pm, when I received that email. I remember I stared at my phone and re-read the email about ten times before I realized it was real. It was hard to keep this on the down low because all I wanted to do was scream! After thinking and thinking more about it, I decided to accept the interview invitation. There was no turning back now. They replied that following Monday with the time and day for the Skype interview. Tuesday at 1pm my time. Monday night I started putting together my thoughts for the position they were offering me, all the knowledge I had, what I was going to say, all that good stuff. I had the biggest smile on my face because I was so hopeful and had all the confidence in the world. I thought to myself, “Silvana, this is your time to shine and bring everything to the table. Show them how passionate you are about this industry.” So, next day, I pretty much rocked the interview. I tried not to be so nervous in front of them but I felt good about it because I gave it my all. 20 minutes later, it was over. Now, the waiting game begins until I hear back from them. One day passed, it felt like a year. Next morning passed, nothing. I was getting nervous and a little doubtful. That afternoon at around 3pm, I heard an email alert on my phone. It was from them. I didn’t want to open it; I got so excited and nervous at the same time! There it was. The email I was waiting for…with the job offer. Wait what? Job offer? I got the job?! I teared up. Maybe to you it’s not a huge deal, but to me it was a HUGE deal. I knew I didn’t have much time to make my decision. That meant I would have to pack my things within two weeks and move to Los Angeles again. I would have to say my goodbyes almost immediately and go. If I took that job, I would have a split second to make things happen out there. When I got the news, I knew I had to tell my family and friends, I just didn’t know how to. The first person I told was my eight year old brother. I wanted to know how he would feel about it. Then, I told my mother. The one person who suffered when I first moved to LA a few years ago…

Unlike 4 years ago, I wanted to be considerate of my family’s feeling but also wanted to be fair with myself. I knew this was going to be a great experience for me career wise, but something didn’t feel right…

What a crazy experience, huh? It all happened within two weeks from one second to another. While I was trying to make my decision, I spoke to my friend who lives out there about what had happened and she gave me great advice. She told me that I should be realistic, plan it out calmly and take this as a lesson. Now I know that I can in fact get a job in the industry. I mean after all, they could have hired someone to start as soon as possible and who already lived in LA. Instead, they went through the process with me to make this happen in the first place. Of course, I thanked the company for everything and respectfully declined the offer. I am a huge believer of everything happening for a reason. I now know when the time is right, I can get my dream job one day. Patience and hard work is key.

Until next time…





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