The Life Update


Well, well, well. Where in the world have you been all year, Silvana? Ha. Great question. I’m still here, I promise. 2016, what a year. A year of reflection, a year of self growth, a year of taking chances. Let’s see, where did I last leave off? I was going to Los Angeles for a mini getaway. Ah yes, I got to see my best friend and her precious dogs, went to eat Mexican food by the beach with some margaritas and of course, karaoke! Ouch. Just remembered that night and I am so sorry to the people who heard me sing- try to sing…

Also, 2016 permitted my grandparents to visit America for the first time. It’s been so long since I last saw them and gosh having them for 6 months was such a blessing to our family. I remember we took them out for a Peruvian dinner for my grandma’s birthday. Nope, they were not impressed! Although the Pisco Sour was amazing, the Pisco in Peru is ten times better to them. At least they got to see our country and be with us, which was the most important thing.

Well, let’s skip over to Fall time. I moved. Surprise! No, not to California, calm down. I moved to Virginia. Now, Silvana why in the world would you ever move there? Ah, yeah I sometimes ask myself that but you know, moving here has given me the chance to start over but still be close to home. I recently got an apartment with my friend, one of my high school best friends moved down the street from me and I am pretty satisfied so far. I wish I could tell you everything in my life is going amazing, but 2017 already has shown me that I need to take things day by day. I need to be patient and not stress over my future or it will harm me…


I know it has been forever since I last spoke to you all and to be honest, I am not going to make up any excuses. I just simply needed time to think, reflect and make some changes in my life. As we all know by now, I love changes! I do hope that with this new year- now three months in, what?- you figured out what you want to change. Did you think of ways to improve your lifestyle? Did you think of ways to challenge yourself? What goals have you written down and have accomplished so far?

I have realized most of my posts are related to emotions and mentality. Honestly, I love it. Although not everyone goes through the same thing as I do, I know  some of you can relate in one way or another. Now, this year I am excited to say I will most likely do more traveling because I am eligible to get my United States Passport. Woohoo! Of course, that will be mentioned in future posts. For now, I will wrap this up and say goodnight. It’s time to pop some popcorn and watch this Netflix show I am totally obsessing over.

Muchos besos!



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