Self Reflection.

One holiday down. Check. Now, it’s December. The season of chilly days and holiday cheer. Then soon we will be ending the year and approaching a new one…Let’s back up a little bit though. It has been a wild ride no doubt. Starting with having to learn how to cope with anxiety more than ever, realizing I wasn’t happy at my job that I chose to move to another state for, and simply keeping an eye on my health a lot more than I could ever imagine. I was a little worried about welcoming the Fall season mostly because I usually deal with depression during those months. Lack of Vitamin D is a reason, feeling alone, a lot of things just pile up and I get beyond overwhelmed. This year though, I noticed I didn’t experience that as much as I did in the past. Was it because the people who care about me stayed by my side? Because I am happy at my new job? Because I am trying to live my life more each day? Yes, yes and I am definitely trying to.

I always look back at the previous year, compare my way of thinking & my actions and analyze any growth I’ve made. Whether it’s an improvement or finding things to work on, I love it. I’m not perfect, nor will I ever be, but I do like to see a better version of me as time passes by.

image2 (4)

Around the holidays, I usually feel more emotional (I blame the hormones, too). Not in a bad way though. I get happy because the family gets together and who doesn’t love Christmas Lifetime movies? I am obsessed! Also, I get to set new goals and start thinking about the things I want to change the following year. This time around, I have to say I love that part the most. To just have some time to myself and really reflect. Write everything down. One thing I do want to add to my routine annually is to write what I am grateful for. I feel like a lot of people (including me!) focus on the things that went wrong throughout the year, but not really on the wonderful parts. Even the small things. What made you smile? Did you start new friendships? Did your business start improving? Are you more financially stable? Did you get a promotion at work or a raise? The more positive things you see happening, the more motivation you get to continue being your best.

“There’s a lot that is good in your life, don’t take it for granted. Don’t get so focused on the struggles that you miss the gift of today.” – Joel Osteen

Some things I have been reflecting on lately have been my friendships, relationships, the way I’ve treated my loved ones and treated myself. Like I said before, I’m not perfect in any way but over the years, I have improved my lack of communication. Lack of caring. A few years ago, the only thing that mattered was me. Mainly because I felt so lost, that I felt the need of focusing on what I wanted and needed to make myself happier. Don’t get me wrong though, that isn’t completely a bad thing but having balance is key. In adulthood, sometimes we feel like time is beating us by the second; step back and fit in some time with your loved ones and the things you love doing. Be thankful for who and what you have in life.

Anyone else feeling the holiday fever? Or am I the only one…

Until next time!

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