A Moment in Reality


Sometimes life doesn’t go as expected. Matter of fact, a lot of the time you feel stuck or confused because you don’t know how to handle some situations life throws at you. Let me be the person to say this: everything is going to be okay. You will be okay *hands over a tissue*. Just kidding, but in all seriousness, I can’t begin to tell you what life has been throwing at me in the past 25 years or even in the last few months. But hey, there is no point in having a pity party, my friends. At the end, they are all lessons to be learned. No doubt, some days you may feel extra low and within seconds you may realize a lot of things are not be going as planned, and you know what? It will follow by more negative thoughts until you see a tiny small light at the end of the tunnel. It’s okay to have those moments because it helps you vent and realize.

Everyone vents differently. Not everyone is good at letting emotions out, some people are raised to not do so because it may be a sign of weakness to them- which is not by the way. Whatever reason it may be, find YOUR way of letting it out and letting it go. Write it out. Work it out. Sing it out. Dance it out. Talk to someone you trust. I have noticed that over the year, I have improved on realizing how grateful I am for the people and things I have in my life and to not take them for granted. I text one of my best friends almost daily to tell her something good about my day and ask about hers, it keeps our friendship tight and it makes me realize how happy I am to have her in my life. A big shout out to you, Vanessa.

There is no doubt that you will have those days where you feel like you’re having a boxing match with your brain, but I am here today to help you ease up your mind and hopefully help you realize you’re not alone in this part of life called adulthood. Here are 5 things that help me deal with…life.





Like I mentioned before, if writing it out helps you vent, go for it. Write a letter to whomever you want to. Your best friend, your boyfriend/ girlfriend, your mom or dad. Let it at all out, no one is watching you, no one has to read it. Remember that after you write what you want to let the person know, you can delete it or if you’re writing in a notebook, you can burn it. You may feel some kind of closure. The goal of this is is to release your internal stress, anxiety and to find some sort of peace within.


This may sound a bit silly, but GO OUTSIDE. Unless you absolutely love waking up bright and early every single day with a big grin on your face, you will have a hard time waking up to your alarm obnoxiously buzzing. Am I right? You just want to turn it off, snuggle in your bed for “5 more minutes” that turn to 10, then 30. Ha! I have been there, you are not alone. If you think about it though, the longer you stay in bed, the less time you have to look your best at work or school. The more you are rushing and things just get crazy and stress levels rise through the roof. No, thank you. Anyway, a way that gets me smiling in the morning- while I’m trying to ignore the alarm- is going outside and letting fresh air brush against my face. Letting the sun kiss my skin. After that, it’s coffee time.


If you are like me, you absolutely have to have music playing throughout the day. I have it playing on my way to work, at work (some Coffee Shop Jazz that sometimes turn to Mayday Parade lol )- you get the point. No matter how I’m feeling that day, music will always cheer me up or match my mood. Start out your mornings with songs that will help you wake up slowly and turn any negative feeling that’s creeping up, away. If it helps, play songs that brings back good old memories.


I’m sure you have heard this one before from mom/dad or an ex while you bring up the past and they tell you to “let it go”. It’s true, you need to forgive and let whatever happened, go. First of all, it’s not healthy to bring up something that happened in the past during an argument. That will just push your partner away even more and feel resentful. Second, do you want a bad moment or feeling eat you up inside? It’s hurting you and it doesn’t allow you to open your heart. If you got cheated on, forgive the person and move on. At the end of the day, they are the one that did wrong and trust me, it’ll come back and bite them. In the meantime, say your goodbyes and let your heart fill back up with love & happiness. No matter what it may be, forgive and let it go.


Okay, by now I think you know how much I LOVE setting short and long term goals. I seriously cannot live without goals to look forward to. It’s motivational and it’s MINE. It can be whatever I want it to be. Personal, career, travel, I set it and try my best to accomplish it. When I sit down and focus on what I want my goal to be, I get a rush because I get so excited about the outcome of it. How great I am going to feel to accomplish another goal in my life. It makes me look forward to another day…You think I’m crazy huh. Well, I had to include goal setting in there because I think you will find it motivational in your every day life. Whenever a friend tells me they feel uninspired or upset about something, I tell them to take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Sit down and set a goal for the next day or evening. Something small, like “when I get home, I will eat my favorite meal with a glass of my favorite wine.” or “I’m going to grab my favorite book, light my favorite candle and get in my bath tub for 30 minutes” Whatever will bring a smile to their face. That’s the goal right? To build internal happiness while dealing with life challenges at the same time.

I just turned 25 not too long ago and I know I’m not the only one who feels some type of way once in a while. In our 20’s, we are stuck in between finding out who we are or what we want to become. I feel lost at times, I’m sure you do too. We try our best to make the right “grown up” decisions on the daily, yet life still slaps you and may bring you down. By no means am I trying to make my posts depressing, I just want to let you guys know that transitioning to adulthood is a learning process and you just become stronger along the way.

As always,

Much love, Silvana.

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