A Moment in Reality

  Sometimes life doesn’t go as expected. Matter of fact, a lot of the time you feel stuck or confused because you don’t know how to handle some situations life throws at you. Let me be the person to say this: everything is going to be okay. You will be okay *hands over a tissue*.... Continue Reading →

Self Reflection.

One holiday down. Check. Now, it's December. The season of chilly days and holiday cheer. Then soon we will be ending the year and approaching a new one…Let’s back up a little bit though. It has been a wild ride no doubt. Starting with having to learn how to cope with anxiety more than ever,... Continue Reading →

Self Care.

I can't lie, it feels pretty great writing right now...We're approaching mid August and summer is coming to an end. For some reason, today was ALL about Fall season. All I could think about was Fall candles, hot beverages, good books to read, shows to watch (I am re watching Gossip Girl for the tenth... Continue Reading →

The Life Update

Well, well, well. Where in the world have you been all year, Silvana? Ha. Great question. I'm still here, I promise. 2016, what a year. A year of reflection, a year of self growth, a year of taking chances. Let's see, where did I last leave off? I was going to Los Angeles for a... Continue Reading →

Next Destination: Los Angeles, California

  Hi there! Here we go again with another brand new week, another fresh start, another chance to make it phenomenal.  You must be wondering by now, "Silvana, you're going to LA again?" Well, indeed I am! I will be flying over there this weekend for a mini getaway to my favorite city. I feel... Continue Reading →

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