A Moment in Reality

  Sometimes life doesn’t go as expected. Matter of fact, a lot of the time you feel stuck or confused because you don’t know how to handle some situations life throws at you. Let me be the person to say this: everything is going to be okay. You will be okay *hands over a tissue*.... Continue Reading →

Self Reflection.

One holiday down. Check. Now, it's December. The season of chilly days and holiday cheer. Then soon we will be ending the year and approaching a new one…Let’s back up a little bit though. It has been a wild ride no doubt. Starting with having to learn how to cope with anxiety more than ever,... Continue Reading →

Self Care.

I can't lie, it feels pretty great writing right now...We're approaching mid August and summer is coming to an end. For some reason, today was ALL about Fall season. All I could think about was Fall candles, hot beverages, good books to read, shows to watch (I am re watching Gossip Girl for the tenth... Continue Reading →

The Life Update

Well, well, well. Where in the world have you been all year, Silvana? Ha. Great question. I'm still here, I promise. 2016, what a year. A year of reflection, a year of self growth, a year of taking chances. Let's see, where did I last leave off? I was going to Los Angeles for a... Continue Reading →

Good Company, Good Life

    Hey there! It's been a while hasn't it? I swear, every year the months fly by and before we know it, another year is approaching. There has been so much on my mind (like usual) and well I wanted to talk to you. Over the past two months, I have realized that when you... Continue Reading →

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