Good Company, Good Life

    Hey there! It's been a while hasn't it? I swear, every year the months fly by and before we know it, another year is approaching. There has been so much on my mind (like usual) and well I wanted to talk to you. Over the past two months, I have realized that when you... Continue Reading →

A Life Decision

  Hello there! Today I wanted to share something with you. Something that I thought was pretty shocking to me and left me speechless at the time.  A few weeks ago, I was contacted to interview via Skype for a fashion company guessed it! Los Angeles. When I read that email, I couldn't even... Continue Reading →

Get Organized!

  Happy Thursday! For some reason I feel like this week has felt longer. Almost positive it was because of the short week last week due to the blizzard. So today I wanted to talk about something that is extremely important in my life. Organization. I can't even lie and say I developed the habit... Continue Reading →

Blizzard of the Year

Hello gorgeous! Let me just start off by saying...Oh-my-gosh. It was seventy degrees on Christmas Eve and a couple of weeks later, a blizzard occurs. Wonderful. I can't lie though, it was beautiful watching the snow fall outside of my window while I drank a cup of white peony tea... So today, I wanted to keep... Continue Reading →

Waking up to a New Year

  Happy New Years to all of you. Every beginning of a new year, we think to ourselves, "I wonder what this year has in store for me?" Honestly, it just depends on how you want to live your life that year. You have a clean slate in your hands, grab it and make use out... Continue Reading →

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